I’m 28 and have been dating for 11 years now. I’ve had only 1 boyfriend but I wasn’t stupid enough to have only one partner. We both met in college, and in an instant I knew he was someone I’d want to be with. We had amazing chemistry.
I don’t have the biggest breasts, so people here hoping I’ll describe myself as a 36-24-36, will be disappointed. I’m not very fair either. I’m brown skinned, 32C breasts which give them a nice shape and don’t let them hang. My waist is 28 and my butt is slightly heavy at 35. While it’s a pain to get a nice fit of jeans, men like the round butt.
I work in an IT company, thanks to which I got to travel to London on the client site. It was a short visit, just a week, and was probably to keep me happy since I hadn’t traveled for a while. I did all the touristy stuff and didn’t have an opportunity to meet many people or make new friends. Just some folks in the company, and I was on my way back.
British Airways is the English version of Air India. Their air hostesses are old and grumpy; their stewards are bald and have bellies. No eye candy for me. I was traveling on this class called Premium Economy, again not like I would have celebrities around me. The only comfort was that I was on the window seat, and there would only be 1 person next to me. I just hoped it won’t be some old, gassy Indian Uncle. No offence, but Indians tend to fart on flights a lot, and I hate it.
But my luck was about to change. Along came this 6 foot tall, lean Englishman. He was adorable. I gave him a broad smile and he nodded back. It was an 8 hour long flight, and I really hoped he would talk to me.
He sat down next to me, took out his Bose headphones and started watching something. Disappointed, I looked out over the wing as we prepared to take off. 20 minutes into the flight, the stewardess asked us for any drinks, and I asked for white wine. He did the same. As she gave us a mini bottle, I tried to start some conversation.
“It isn’t that great, the flight wine. I had some really good ones in London”.
“Yeah”, he shrugged his shoulders, as if to say what to do?
“Is it your first time to India?”
“No, I’ve been there once before. Was it your first time to London?”
“Yes, I really liked it. I would love to visit again”
“Nice”, and he went back to his headphones.
This was not what I was hoping for. I looked down at me. I was wearing a red t-shirt and leggings. I couldn’t change, that would appear desperate. So I pulled the magic trick that my bf loves. I pulled up my blanket, and from under it, unclasped my bra hook. I pulled it off one arm, then off the other, and then completely out from under my t-shirt.
The flight AC immediately hit my nipples like an ice storm, and they started to grow. My nipples are thick and can grow up to half an inch, and my t-shirt stuck to them like glue. If only he’d look at me, he’d see them. But he didn’t.
Disappointed, and a little tired, I put my head on the window and started to doze off. When I woke up, I had been asleep for an hour, and had missed dinner. The air hostess was already collecting empty plates. More importantly, I was now sleeping on his arm, holding it, as if he was my bf. He didn’t try waking me up. I immediately left his arm and apologized.
His expression was different. He smiled warmly and said “It’s ok. My name is Alan.”
“I’m Pallavi. I’m sorry; I didn’t realize I was sleeping like that; must have been uncomfortable for you”
“Not at all! You seemed very peaceful. You want something to eat?”
“No, I’m still a little sleepy. Sorry again”
As if on cue, the announcement came on saying they were going to dim cabin lights. I looked around and most people were wrapping their blankets and preparing to sleep. The lights went dim and now the only glow was a couple of over head lights where people were reading, and from their TV screens.
“You can use my shoulder again if you want”, he looked at me and smiled. Something naughty in his expression, I knew what he wanted. “That’s so kind of you.” I pretended to be innocent and took up the offer. I held him arm and put my head on his shoulder. He reclined his seat, and I did mine, so we were comfortable. He took his free hand and ran them through my hair. He was behaving like my bf. I loved the attention, and it had been over a week since I had any action. I wanted to take this chance.
I looked at him innocently. He smiled back at me. His eyes met mine, his hand still running through my hair. He leaned in and kissed my forehead. This firang was fast. I moved back, not wanting to appear desperate. I looked all confused and embarrassed, and looked down. A moment later, he placed my bra on my lap. Shit! It had probably fallen down while I was sleeping. He must’ve seen it. This was really embarrassing. I should have kept it in my bag. Oh damn. He probably thinks I’m a slut.
I didn’t look up at him for a few minutes; thinking in my head what to do. I wanted it too, but didn’t want to appear slutty. The air hostess walked by checking up on everyone, before she also retired to her seat.
He leaned in and asked if I was ok. I didn’t know what to say. His hand came around my back. He pulled me back to recline along the seat, my head on his arm. I finally held him again. I was feeling warm and wet between my legs, despite the cold AC. This time when he leaned in, it was to my lips. I didn’t respond. I wanted to play along, but not look like I want it badly. Men tend to work harder then.
He took out his tongue, and licked my cheek and drew a line down to my neck. Oh! My neck! That was it. I let out a gasp. It was soft, others didn’t hear it. But he knew I had melted. He looked into my eyes. There was lust in them. He grinned, he knew he had me.
“You’ve been feeling cold for quite some time.”
“How do you know?”
He touched my nipples which were still sticking out. With his thumb, he drew their outline and then pressed on them. It was heavenly. I bit my lips to not moan. He pulled my blanket up, and his head disappeared inside it. Scared, I opened my eyes and looked around, as his hand went inside my t-shirt. His fingers pinched my nipples. Oh! That was too much. I pulled his head up and kissed him to stop from moaning. He kissed me back with a lot of vigor. It was really arousing, being surrounded by ppl and being loved by a very hot man. His head disappeared back into the blanket.
This time I was ready and kept my eyes open. My t-shirt was up and I felt his warm tongue flicking my nipple. A warm reprieve from the cold I was feeling and my legs heated up too. He was an expert on this, as he toyed with my nipples; first the right, then the left. Alternating between, flicking them, sucking them and then biting them. Never doing too much of any, but just driving me crazy. A man passed by, going to the washroom. I pulled the blanket up and pretended to be asleep. He didn’t notice anything and just walked by.
Alan took it up a notch. His hand went between my legs, rubbing my pussy. I was so damn wet and horny, that it took him just 5 minutes to make me cum. I sighed, as he came up. My trembling body had told him that I had an orgasm. I smiled at him, and he grinned back. I kissed him, as the man to the bathroom passed us by again. I didn’t break the kiss or care.
Once that man settled, and I gave one final look around, I pulled the blanket over him. I knelt down, and he reclined and spread his legs. With me hidden between the blanket and his legs, I pulled down his trousers. He was semi erect in his boxers. Since he couldn’t see me, I chose to surprise him. I went for the balls first, sucking them and gobbling up both of them. I licked them inside my warm n wet mouth. He was shifting in his seat, trying not to draw attention or make noise. It was good to feel in control. His cock was in my hand, and it was getting harder. I licked along the length of it, slowly. Letting my tongue linger and then move up the shaft. It kept growing with each stroke. It was finally time to take him in.
My mouth enclosed on his mushroom, and I rolled my tongue on it. “Mmmmh”, he let out. Low, but loud enough. Luckily, people had drifted off, or assumed it was a sleeping man. I couldn’t see, but he didn’t ask me to stop, so I assumed everything was fine. Then I took in a little more of his cock in my mouth, and my hand kept moving up and down on the shaft. A little more with each movement, till I removed my hand and only my mouth was taking it in. I let his tip hit the back of my throat. I liked that moment where I am about to gag, and then I let him out. He was hard, and he immediately sent his hand in, pushing my head towards him.
“No baby, we do it my way”, I whispered.
He must’ve been frustrated, wanting to cum, but I liked being in control. I rubbed his cock on my boobs now. My nipples loving the touch and I wished I could capture this moment in my head. The white cock and the dark brown nipples looked so stark in comparison. My hands kept shagging him and touching my nipples and suddenly, he stiffened up and came without warning. It landed all over my boobs. I sneaked out from under the blanket, to the washroom. Once inside, I took my top off and in that tiny, cramped place, used the water to clean myself up. After a lot of water and tissues, I felt like I was clean again.
I went out to find him smiling at me. I smiled back. Sat on my seat and without a word, we dozed off.
I got up a few hours later, feeling famished. I asked for something to eat and drink. He got up when he heard me speaking to the air hostess. With a confused expression he looked at me, as if trying to make up his mind whether it was a dream or reality. Then he felt my hand on his crotch. He smiled. I leaned back and asked what his plan was in India. He was taking a connecting flight the next day. Staying overnight at an airport hotel, I did some quick time check in my head. I could call my parents an hour after I land saying I got held up at customs. I had between 30 – 60 minutes. I pressed his crotch hard and said I want it in me. He said he wanted that too. We got off the flight, picked up our baggage and checked into the hotel.
In the room, he picked me up and kissed me. He was not going to waste any time.
He led me to the bathroom. We both got naked and he made me bend over in the shower. My ass is slightly bigger than normal, and he liked to spank. I was red in a few minutes as he spanked me hard and licked my back. His cock was alive and was touching my ass. He spread my legs out, as I took support of the wall. He got in from behind into my pussy. He went slowly, but that wasn’t good enough for me. I wanted it harder. “Harder, harder”, I screamed.
He increased his pace. He was good and athletic, so he kept the pace up for a bit. I came twice and then he started to stiffen. “Don’t come inside me”, I screamed. He got out in time, and on my ass he spewed it all. I collapsed and sat on the ground. We made love one more time in bed. A 10 minute quickie, just before I left. That was just saying goodbye. He gave me his card, asking me to meet if I visited London again. It was a great flight home.

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